2020 Committee:

President: Helen Rothacker
Vice President: Edie May
Secretary: Cheryl Price
Treasurer: Penny Murdoch
Committee Member/ Grants Officer: Ron Dudley
Committee Member/ Expo Coordinator: Andie Downing
Committee Member: Kate Martin

Committee Meetings:

Committee meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. Agenda items need to be submitted o the Secretary a week prior to meetings. Only items listed on the agenda will be addressed. A suggestion box is available at the clubrooms and feedback is welcomed.

In 2020 there will be the addition of member forums and information sessions which all members are encouraged to attend. Dates TBA.


Annual memberships are due every January and must be received prior to using the workshops as they include your insurance. Payments should be made via EFT with your name in the reference line.

Membership fees for new members are pro-rated in 3 monthly increments. A one off joining fee applies to all new members.

One off joining fee: $30
Annual Membership Single: $30
Annual Membership Family: $40