If you are interested in learning how to cut and polish rocks, facet gemstones, make silver jewellery, cast silver items, identify rocks & minerals or participate in fossicking filed trips then you should consider becoming a member of the club.

The clubrooms and workshops are open 10am – 4pm ever Thursday and it is best to visit the clubrooms in person during opening hours to speak with members and discuss how joining the club can benefit you.

Experienced supervisors and instructors are available to assist you every Thursday. Children under 18 must be supervised at all times while on the premises or field trips by a parent/legal guardian.

The Bendigo Gem Club is a self managed not for profit organisation and we encourage members to assist with the general maintenance of the premises and equipment, participate in fundraising activities and uphold the Code of Conduct.

Please  note: our members do not do valuations of gemstones and/or jewellery as this can only be done by an accredited valuer.